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Carpetbaggers and Scalawags Aftermath of the Civil War

Carpetbaggers and Scalawags Aftermath of the Civil War. Carpetbaggers and scalawags aftermath the civil war was a term to refer to the Northern and Southern. This term existed in the aftermath of the civil war in 1865. it was because, during the civil war, African Americans had formerly been slaves.

Carpetbaggers were a kind of term used to refer the Northern when they moved to the South during the reconstruction. The reason was they wanted to get the profit from the situation in the territory. The name of the carpet means the bag luggage used.

On the other hand, Scalawag was a kind of term used to refer the Southern whites who were supported to the Republicans and various policies during the reconstruction. They lived in the South. However, the original name was a reference to a low-grade farm animal.

Carpetbaggers and Scalawags
Carpetbaggers and Scalawags

The Carpetbaggers Aftermath of the Civil War

According to history, this term used because of the observation that most of the carpetbaggers carried their “carpet bags”. They were view as political manipulation for the state after the forming of a confederate state. It was because they wanted to get the money.

Even though carpetbaggers and scalawags were the different terms, Carpetbaggers were seen as the insidious Northern with the objective questions. The less control. Besides, they became powerful political during the reconstruction in 1865. Most of them looked at it when the election process.

What you need to know was carpetbaggers moved when they got the reformation. Most of the began since 1862 and they moved to the areas in the South when their area had fallen under the Union control.

Besides, many and most of them were sbobet indonesia businessmen. Most of them also easy to purchase plantation. Thus, most of them became wealthy landowners. They could be hiring freedmen to manage and work in their labor. However, most of the Union soldier eager to invest it.

Carpetbaggers and Scalawags
Carpetbaggers and Scalawags

The Scalawags Aftermath of the Civil War

According to the history, the scalawags were typically called as the conservative, pro-federation of Southern and supported Northern policies. They also described as pejorative origin. During the reconstruction, they also formed the coalition with the black freedman.

On the other hand, most of them worked in the government area or field. Even though they were being minority, these groups were gained a lot of power. They took several advantages and benefits from the reconstruction in 1867.

That is why most of the historians said that carpetbaggers and scalawags were different from each other. They had different perceptions and objectives. However, Scalawags were denounced as the corrupt during the Demonstration by Democrats.

Carpetbaggers and Scalawags
Carpetbaggers and Scalawags

They decreased many state economies. It was because they just wanted to get the money and finances. Some of the historians also said that Scalawags gave bad support for the government. They just wanted to get the profits especially for the personal.

However, they were targeted by violence. According to history, Klan’s primary had a different opinion with the Loyal Leagues in 1868. However, in 1870, some Scalaways also left for the Republican Party. After that, they were joined to Conservative-Democrat Coalition.

However, carpetbaggers and also scalawags were terms of the people or community aftermath of the civil war. Most of the chosen based on their perception to create the government. Even it, carpetbaggers and scalawags had similar objectives; gain economic and profit.