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The American Revolution Aftermath of the America Civil 1812

The American Revolution Aftermath of the America Civil 1812. The American revolution was also called the United States War of Independence. It happened between 1755 and 1783. This war was followed more than a decade between Britain and the North American colonies. Until early in 1778, this war made a large conflict.

This conflict became an international war between France and Spain who joined the colonies against Britain. On the other hand, the Netherlands provided both the official recognition of the US and gave financial support for it.

Because of it, it created the war through lending to British strategy to help them compensate for the comparatively small number of troops. It was sent to America and enabling the French to help them bring the final British at Yorktown.

The American Revolution
The American Revolution

The Main Cause of Revolution in America

Several causes made a revolution in America. The first cause was when French and Indian war. It happened between the American colonies and New France. North of them had different allied. This war happened from 1754 to 1763.

The other cause that made the American revolution was the different taxes and laws. In 1764, it was beginning to impose a new law and taxes. They have implemented it including the sugar act, currency act, and others

The main cause of this war was because of the taxes. British did not want to pay the taxes. The other cause was the Boston protest. After it, many colonists began to do protest in Boston against the taxes and laws.

In 1773, the British also imposed a new tax. The British also decided to punish colonists. This increasing law also punished by the colonies that took control of British hope. That was why the British tried to do an invasion.

The British in Massachusetts were ordered to fight America in 1775. At that time, the revolutionary between both of the country began. This war began on April 19, 1775, between both of the United States and the British because of the tax and law

The Consequences of the Revolution in America

There are several consequences to the American revolution. What you need to know was the main consequences because the revolution was happened to political to economic. It was transformed into the post-revolution. This revolution also had a significant short-term effect, especially for women.

In the long term, this revolution affected the lives of slaves and free black as institutions. On the other hand, it also affected America especially Native America when they wanted to open up the western settlement.

The American Revolution
The American Revolution

In the economical sector, this revolution made a long-term effect especially the end of mercantilism for Americans. During the revolution, Americans began to create their manufacture rather than chose the manufacture from the British. It was an important consequence because of the revolution resulted.

Unfortunately, during and aftermath of the revolution, women became incorporated and called as the republican mothers. The new republican also required became mothers’ responsibility to educate their future citizens. However, there were remained on the new American polity.

The revolution in America in 1812 brought several consequences and impact both for Native America and also the British. The consequences created many changes especially for the manufacture and the sector. However, the American Revolution also brought positive impacts like bringing the own manufacture obtained.